About eVestment & Nasdaq

eVestment is a Nasdaq platform that provides institutional investment data, analytics and market intelligence covering public and private markets.  

For private fund managers and investors, Nasdaq’s eVestment platform provides powerful performance analytics and granular market insights to help fuel insights, performance analytics efficiencies and operational excellence in due diligence and portfolio analysis processes.

For GPs, LPs and Advisors, the wider Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions ecosystem helps market participants navigate complexity across the investment lifecycle through a suite of market intelligence, portfolio analytics, and fund secondaries solutions. 

About Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions is a technology-enabled ecosystem of insights, analytics and fund secondaries solutions empowering all parts of your private fund investment lifecycle.

Through our ecosystem of technology-empowered solutions, Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions helps you navigate the increasing operational complexity in the market. We bring together innovative technology, deep industry experience and regulatory expertise to offer solutions firms need to succeed in the private markets of tomorrow.