eVestment Adds U.K. Pension Intelligence to
Public Plan IQ

eVestment Adds U.K. Pension Intelligence to Public Plan IQ
March 13, 2018

Public Plan IQ users have frequently asked us when we’ll be launching coverage of public pensions in other countries,” said Debra Gregory, founder and head of eVestment’s Public Plan IQ solution. “That day has come: We’re excited to now include information on the U.K. LGPS to bring our clients even more value and information and help them have smarter conversations with their clients and better outcomes for their work.”

eVestment, the leader in institutional investment data and analytics, has expanded the data in its Public Plan IQ solution to include information from United Kingdom local government pension schemes (LGPS), giving Public Plan IQ users around the world unique and unprecedented insights into the U.K.’s LGPS industry.

Public Plan IQ offers users a searchable platform that provides access to U.S. and now U.K. public pension plan reporting and board documents, including manager presentations, consultant recommendations, video presentations, fee schedules, upcoming allocation changes, upcoming mandates and more. Previously Public Plan IQ focused on U.S. public pensions.

There are currently more than 25,000 documents housed on Public Plan IQ’s platform covering public pensions in the United Kingdom and the United States. Of those, more than 3,700 are focused on U.K. LGPS, with more documents on both countries’ pensions being added every day. More than 90 United Kingdom LGPS are covered including Strathclyde Pension Scheme, Greater Manchester and West Midlands, plus the eight LGPS pools: London CIV, Wales, Brunel, Border to Coast, LPP, Access, Northern and Central regions.

Gregory launched Public Plan IQ in the United States in 2015. eVestment acquired Public Plan IQ in November of 2016. More than 150 traditional and alternative institutional asset managers in the United States and around the world utilize the Public Plan IQ service.

Information about United Kingdom LGPS will be provided at no additional cost to current Public Plan IQ clients and will be bundled at current rates with the information from U.S. public plans for new Public Plan IQ clients.

To learn more about eVestment’s Public Plan IQ solution, please click here.


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