Forward Calendar Provides Insights on Competitors in Market

by Andrés Ramos, Content Marketing Specialist – Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

A successful fund raise begins with actionable intelligence

Beyond identifying the new investors that a fund manager will pitch to while on the fundraising trail, understanding which comparable peer funds are also in market is another important piece of intelligence that can support a successful capital raise.

With the Forward Calendar in TopQ+, private fund managers can filter down to their specific strategy and fundraising period to identify both the confirmed and projected funds in market that they may be competing with.

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Forward Calendar: How it works

Data in the Forward Calendar is mix of algorithmic projections and verified public data. For projected fundraises, the calendar looks at the vintage years and fund sizes of the preceding funds in a fund family to project when a manager will be back in market and how much capital they will be seeking to raise. An analysis of the algorithmically projected funds found that the Forward Calendar correctly forecasted funds in market with 80% accuracy within 2 quarters.

The projected funds are supplemented by the confirmed funds, which are sourced from public news sources as well as fund manager announcements and press releases. When a projected fund is confirmed, data analysts at Nasdaq eVestment update all estimated data points with those confirmed by the fund announcement source.

A valuable resource for both GPs and LPs

In addition to fund managers, institutional investors use the Forward Calendar to gain visibility into upcoming fundraises so that they can appropriately plan their annual allocations to private markets funds. If a particular fund is oversubscribed, they can use the calendar to identify comparable funds that might also be a fit for their allocation strategy.

Allocators are using our Forward Calendar to gauge manager fundraises and plan out their allocation pacing. We regularly see LPs identify a handful of managers on the Forward Calendar and then use our Compare Funds module to dig into the fund manager’s performance against other GPs also coming to market.

– Elle Walker, CAIA, Director of Private Markets Data, Nasdaq

Private fund managers who want to ensure that their upcoming funds are accurately tracked on the Forward Calendar can reach out to the Nasdaq eVestment team here.

Adding the Forward Calendar to your arsenal

Interested in adding the TopQ+ and the Forward Calendar to your arsenal of market and competitor intelligence tools?

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