How Nasdaq is helping you navigate operational complexity: Introducing Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

New name, same powerful analytics & insights

eVestment Private Markets and its suite of SaaS-based solutions for GPs, LPs, and advisors is now officially part of Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions.

Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions is a technology-enabled ecosystem of portfolio analytics & services, market intelligence, and fund secondaries solutions built to empower GPs and LPs as they navigate increasing complexity across the investment lifecycle.

While eVestment Private Markets (and the broader eVestment brand) have been a part of Nasdaq since 2017, the move to Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions brings eVestment Private Markets products, TopQ+ and Market Lens, into better alignment with the other private markets products offered by Nasdaq.

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Complexity shouldn’t create chaos

As the private markets scale in AUM and importance in investors’ portfolios, so has the complexity of navigating the market for institutional investors and fund managers alike.

Bigger funds, larger allocations, and a greater number of fund-investor relationships all mean increasing operational complexity. There’s more data to harness, more operational risks to navigate, and more opportunities to assess than ever before.

Yet this increasing complexity shouldn’t create chaos that holds you back from achieving your goals: whether it be raising new capital or making the best investment decisions for your institution.

Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions help you navigate complexity through our ecosystem of insights, analytics and fund secondaries solutions that have been operating in the marketplace for the last decade.

We bring together innovative technology, deep industry experience and regulatory expertise to offer solutions firms need to succeed in the private markets of tomorrow.

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