eVestment Private Markets on the Private Equity Funcast

eVestment Private Markets on the Private Equity Funcast
August 23, 2018

The Private Equity Funcast is an industry-famous podcast series hosted by Jim Milbery and Devan Matthews, Partners at ParkerGale – a private equity firm focused on lower/middle-market technology buyouts.

eVestment’s Graeme Faulds (Director of Product – Private Markets) and Drake Paulson (Direct of Sales & Client Success – Private Markets) were invited onto the show to speak with Jim about some of key the findings from the 2018 eVestment Private Markets Due Diligence Survey.

Some of the most surprising findings that the podcast discusses are below. Listen to the podcast to hear the full discussion:

  • Even though valuations and dry powder once again ranked as the top concerns for LPs and GPs, competition and future performance were not cited as major concerns by any respondents.
  • LPs are spending more time on the due diligence of fund investment opportunities than GPs think – highlighting the amount of behind the scenes work LPs do that GPs may not appreciate.
  • Nearly two-thirds of GPs reported using credit facilities, and 36% cited using credit facilities of 3-5 years – this was more widespread usage, and longer terms, than initially anticipated.
  • LPs were largely neutral in their view of credit facilities, contrary to the sentiment of a lot of the media coverage on credit lines
  • LPs are increasing sophisticated in their due diligence, employing analysis such as Public Market Equivalent analysis: findings show that LPs are using multiple indices and methodologies, varying their selection depending on the strategy/geo-focus of the fund, which proves PME is being used for due diligence not just portfolio monitoring.


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