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In Conversation with Kasper Wichmann

Katey Bogue, Head of Private Fund Solutions at Nasdaq, recently sat down with Kasper Wichmann, an experienced LP investor for a wide ranging conversation about communication in the private markets. After stints in various private markets roles around the global, most notably as the Head of Asia Private Equity for UBS Asset Management, Kasper recently returned to his native Denmark to lead a state-of-the-art private equity fund-of-funds investment program for a Danish asset manager. He also shares this thoughts on the industry through his personal blog, PE Compass.

In their conversation, Katey and Kasper discuss the current state of communication between LPs and GPs in the private markets, the importance of placement agents in todays’ industry, and what ESG means to LPs, specifically European LPs. Watch the full conversation below.

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Topics covered

(04:00) Thoughts on where LPs and GPs are failing short in their communication

(10:05) Insights on how to improve communication between LPs and GPs

(15:57) The role of placements agents play

(18:41) ESG insights

(30:17) Differences between EU and US LPs with regards to ESG

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