The Top Quartile:
In Conversation with Laura Fahrney

In this edition of The Top Quartile: In Conversation, Andrés Ramos, content specialist at Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions, is joined by Laura Fahrney, Partner and Head of Investor Relations at Ridgemont Equity Partners, a Charlotte-based middle market private equity firm that provides buyout and growth capital to private companies and new business platforms. Laura is a 20-year veteran of the private markets with more than 10 years of experience in investor relations.

In their conversation Andrés and Laura discuss the evolution of investor relations in the private markets, the technical skills needed for the role today, and how IR pros should be thinking about competition.

Watch it here:

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Topics covered

(01:49) Evolution of the IR role

(3:35) Trends in LP/GP Relations

(6:03) Technical skills IR pros need today

(8:11) How should IR pros think about competition

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