The Top Quartile:
In Conversation with Mike Arpey

In this edition of The Top Quartile: In Conversation, Rory Mabin, Head of Fund Secondaries at Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions, sits down with Mike Arpey, President at Hunter Point Capital, an investment firm focused on minority ownership interests or “GP stakes” in middle-market alternative asset managers. Prior to joining Hunter Point, Mike spent 10 years at The Carlyle Group as Global Head of Investor Relations where he helped raise over $200 billion.

In their conversation, Rory and Mike discuss the current state of the GP stakes market, what institutional asset owners should consider before investing in fund managers via GP stakes, the need for liquidity, and insights on the direction of the market.

Watch the conversation here:

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Topics covered

(01:50) GP stakes primer and the state of the market

(03:24) Key point for investors to consider before investing in GP stakes

(07:07) Drivers of LPs’ need for liquidity

(08:57) GPs’ take on the market

(11:21) The Fast Five

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