Top Private Markets Content from 2021

by Andrés Ramos, Content Marketing Specialist – Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

Top Content From the Year

As 2021 draws to a close, we are taking the opportunity to highlight five of the most read Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions blog posts from the year. While the articles cover a range of discrete topics, two themes are consistent across the five: insights on the market landscape and maximizing the value of internal track record data.

We believe that having a competitive advantage in both these areas is crucial to success for fund managers in the private markets. Industry insights and portfolio intelligence are central to the Nasdaq eVestment platform and we look forward to delivering more great content on these topics in 2022.

1. Why Your Valuation Bridge Matters to LPs

This blog post dives into why the valuation bridge is such an important part of an LP’s analysis process and offers practical advice on how GPs can leverage the bridge to empower their fundraising, ongoing reporting, and internal strategy decisions.

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Value bridge

2. Best Practices for Investor Relations Pros in 2021

Working with hundreds of GPs and LPs has given us unique insights into both sides of the fundraising equation. In this post we distill some of these insights into three best practices for PE investor relations professionals in their efforts to run an efficient and successful fundraise.

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3. Private Fund Trends in Focus: Digital Infrastructure

One of the notable trends in the 2021 commitment activity of public pension plan investors was an increase in allocations to digital infrastructure funds. In this piece we explore the types of investments these funds make, what consultants are saying, and some of the major players in the market.

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4. Assessing Alpha in Private Equity Returns with Private Market Equivalent Analysis

This blog post breaks down Public Market Equivalent (PME) Analysis and how institutional investors are using the metric to benchmark the performance of their private markets funds.

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5. Understanding the Consultant Landscape

Using data collected from our Market Lens platform, we breakdown the top consultants by each private markets asset class and highlight some of the top public pension plans they advise.

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