Video: Three key TopQ use cases for GPs

A tech showcase of TopQ, our purpose-built track record data management & analytics platform

CFOs and COOs in the private markets are acutely aware of the challenges and stiff competition facing their firms today. They have the unenviable role of leading in-house initiatives that create operational excellence and drive success. In many cases this means that they are responsible for thinking critically about firm practices and processes to identify areas in need of innovation and improvements.

One area that we believe CFOs and COOs can make effective and impactful improvements is in performance data management and reporting.

Performance data is a key asset to any private markets firm: it can be used to tell a compelling value creation narrative to LPs and uncover new insights that help you make better investment and firm strategy decisions. Granular performance and deal data is also increasingly critical to LPs during diligence and quarterly reporting.

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But without the right tools, calculating, managing, and reporting is burdensome, exposed to the risk of errors, and the insights you’re able to capture are limited.

The video below highlights three key use cases of TopQ, eVestment Private Markets’ track record data management & analytics platform.

Watch it to learn about how the purpose-built platform drives operational excellence and success for firms in the private markets.

Use Cases

1. Enhance Data Integrity. Mitigate Risk.

  • As a centralized repository for your portfolio performance data, TopQ is a single source of truth for your team.
  • The platform’s calculation engine utilizes quarterly uploads of raw cashflow data to calculate your track record and all performance metrics, mitigating errors and inaccuracies that can impact analysis.
    • The process is a repeatable and standardized workflow to instantly generate a full view of your portfolio performance.
  • The multi-period analysis module also provides an easy and accurate way for you to view changes in the portfolio from quarter to quarter or over any user-defined time period.
    • The functionality is a quick and reliable method for identifying portfolio changes and understanding the biggest drivers of portfolio valuation movements.

2. Scale Analytics Capabilities. Gain Insights & Efficiencies.

  • TopQ’s core analytics module is a fully widget-based framework with drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to easily build and customize dashboards.
    • Widgets range from simple charts that can be configured with any deal parameter to loss ratios, public market equivalent analyses, partner attribution models, and valuation bridges.
  • Dynamic filtering functionality allows you to drill down and analyze sub-sets of your portfolio with a wide range of fund and deal parameters.
    • Identifying realized performance for investments in specific sector type in your last two funds is accessible in a matter of clicks.
  • TopQ also incorporates Preqin and Pitchbook data allowing you to add benchmark analysis to other key performance measures across your funds.
  • Easy access to these analyses allows you to more easily address client questions and gain a deep understanding of your portfolio to help inform future decision-making.

3. Empower LP Relations. Support Fundraising.

  • Populating templates for individual limited partners is a constant struggle for your Investor Relations team.
  • TopQ features custom report building functionality that allows users to build individual templates that meet the specific needs of each investor using the layouts and labeling that match the request.
    • After being configured, reports can be exported into fully populated excel reports.
  • All templates are saved in TopQ and can be generated with updated quarterly data whenever requested by an investor.
    • This saves your IR team time and effort and delivers the data your LPs need with minimal delay.

eVestment TopQ

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