What motivates the private markets? 

April 23rd

by Andrés Ramos, Content Marketing Specialist – eVestment Private Markets

What motivates employees in the private markets? The most natural answer that comes to mind is of course money. It’s a well-known fact that employees in the private markets are very well-compensated but money is far from the only reason professionals in the private markets go to work every day. 

The Work-Life Balance Report, produced by eVestment Private Markets and asset management consultancy MJ Hudson, surveyed over 300 private markets employees on a wide array of topics including motivation. Within each section, the report expounds on responses of the whole sample audience and then offers deeper insights by breaking down the data based on the different roles that the respondents hold at their respective private markets firm. While money was one of the top motivators of those surveyed, at just over 18%, when job role is taken into account, the results start to become more interesting as detailed below.


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As detailed in the graphic, operations team members are most likely to have money as a key motivator. Surprisingly, firm leadership was amongst the least money motivated roles but it makes sense according to Graeme Faulds, Head of Product at eVestment Private Markets. Graeme is a veteran of the industry and spent many years as an investor.  

In his view, “firm leaders are motivated by money, but as they rise through the ranks and accumulate significant wealth, it plays less of a roll. Instead it is the thrill of the deal and/or the desire to build their business that drives them forward. 

This opinion held up when looking at the survey results as approximately a third of firm leaders reported “making successful investments” as their key motivator.  

Understanding what motivates your team helps you create incentives that align with those motivators and drive your team forward. Download the Work-Life Balance Report for further insight into the motivations, workplace stressors, and home lives of those working in the private markets. 

About the Report

The Work-Life Balance Report looks at issues around this separation and how the worlds of work and free time collide, asking how we can harness the advances of recent times to help us work more efficiently, without giving up our rights to a happy private life.

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