Driving Greater Transparency into DEI across the Private Markets

Through the eVestment platform, Nasdaq is collecting and making private fund manager diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) data available to investors free of charge, in an effort to improve transparency and disclosure standardization across the industry.

By providing institutional investors with a centralized destination for manager-provided DEI data, Nasdaq aims to increase the level of transparency into this critical set of information across the private markets and support meaningful change through access to accurate and reliable data.

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Qualifying institutional investors can register for a free eVestment account to access manager-provided DEI data. As of June 30, 2022 more than 250 private fund managers have submitted data on their firm’s diversity, equity, and inclusion, for you to review and screen.

Submit Your Data

Private fund managers can reduce the operational burden of supplying DEI metrics to multiple institutional investors by adding it to their eVestment profile once. The process of submitting information is efficient, with data fields aligned to industry standards, an easy-to-use input portal, and your data is secure with it only viewable to investors who complete an Accredited Investor Questionnaire in order to validate their status. 

Aligned to Industry Data Standards

Nasdaq has worked with the Institutional Limited Partners’ Association (ILPA) and FCLTGlobal to ensure its data collection aligns with ILPA’s Diversity Metrics templates and the guidelines published by each group.

By aligning to these industry standards for private fund manager DEI data, Nasdaq aims to reduce barriers to information being shared and in turn increase ease of access and transparency for asset owners into the DEI efforts of private fund managers.

“We’re thrilled to see Nasdaq adopt the designations and structure of our Diversity Metrics template into their DEI data collection initiative and to also take a significant step in driving transparency into the level of progress the industry is making around diversity. Ensuring consistency of how information is communicated across the industry by aligning with the guidelines we and FCLTGlobal have published will also have a positive impact on the empowerment of limited partners, which we’re always pleased to support.”

Jen Choi, Managing Director of Industry Affairs, ILPA

About Nasdaq’s Private Fund DEI Data Collection

What DEI data points are being collected and provided?

In line with the respective templates and guidelines published by ILPA and FCLTGlobal, Nasdaq’s eVestment platform collects and makes available information on:

  • Diversity metrics for investment company firm ownership, investment committee and professionals.
  • Aggregated diversity metrics for board and senior management of private funds’ portfolio companies.

Diversity dimensions include gender, race/ethnicity, and identification as LGBTQ+, veterans, and persons with disabilities.

Who can access DEI data?

Only qualified institutional asset owners can view data submitted by private fund managers. To access the DEI dataset on the eVestment platform, asset owners must complete and meet the criteria outlined in an Accredited Investor Questionnaire.

What other data about private fund managers is available on Nasdaq’s eVestment platform?

Nasdaq’s eVestment platform includes a global database of 7,000+ private fund managers detailing investment strategy, fund performance and more. Information is collected through a combination of eVestment proprietary data collection, and fund manager submitted information.

Sample Profile

404 Capital Partners is a fictional firm used for the purposes of representing data within the eVestment platform.

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