Achieving Cruising Altitude: How to Tap Institutional Capital to Fuel Growth

About the Report

For an emerging manager in private markets the most effective way to grow their firm is to move up-market and fundraise from large institutional-quality investors. But accessing that capital is an incredibly challenging proposition.  

Managers today operate in the most competitive and robust market the industry has ever seen. Thousands of funds are competing for commitments from LPs who are more selective and data-driven than ever before. Adding to this challenge is the fact that only 1 in 4 institutional investors are even considering new GP relationships for their portfolios. Emerging managers are left fighting more competitors for a smaller slice of the pie.  

In this whitepaper, eVestment Private Markets explores how emerging managers can get an edge on their peers as well as larger established managers by leveraging technology tools and data to raise capital from institutional investors.  

Read the full report to explore our three key goals for fundraising: 

  • Differentiate your message
  • Maximize awareness
  • Find the right LPs for your fund 

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