eVestment and ILPA Announce Strategic Partnership

This partnership provides ILPA members with a valuable solution to improve transparency, standardization and efficiency within their manager due diligence

ILPA and eVestment have partnered to aid members’ manager selection by providing access to eVestment’s private markets due diligence solution, TopQ, at a discounted rate.

TopQ enables private equity limited partners to receive, calculate and analyze manager-provided track records on a truly accurate, standardized and consistent basis. With access to more granular data and the tools to efficiently and effectively analyze it, limited partners are enabled to make even more informed investment decisions. TopQ is the preferred quantitative due diligence tool of choice for leading institutions, including:

Deeper insights, better decisions

By leveraging a suite of sophisticated and configurable performance analytics tools, you can better assess the real drivers of a manager’s past returns and make a more informed validation of their future strategy.

  • Analyze performance at track record, fund and deal level.
  • See past the headline numbers with valuation bridges, loss ratios, deal attribution, Public Market Equivalents, portfolio modeling capabilities and more.
  • Slice and dice performance by sector, geography, deal lead and more parameters of your choice.


Less time preparing, more time analyzing

With quicker access to data in your due diligence and ongoing monitoring, you can spend less time preparing and manipulating data for analysis, and more time digging into it as part of your process.

  • Calculate track record performance efficiently and accurately.
  • Export analysis easily for inclusion into investment memos and presentations.
  • Access track records on mobile devices to ensure you always have the information you need.


Greater consistency, greater transparency

Streamline the way you receive track record data from managers and ensure performance across managers is calculated on a truly consistent basis.

  • Receive track records through the platform or upload manager-provided spreadsheets.
  • Gain peace of mind in the consistency and accuracy of performance metrics across managers.
  • Look past headline numbers and into underlying deal performance.

Now more than ever, limited partners are seeking quality solutions to optimize their due diligence and monitoring processes. We’re pleased to align with eVestment to deliver valuable options that support enhanced transparency to our members.

Director of Research, ILPA