PitchBook Fund Performance and Benchmarks
in eVestment Private Markets

View fund performance for more than 6,000 funds across more than 3,000 firms
and leverage PitchBook Benchmarks in the eVestment Private Markets platform

eVestment and PitchBook have formed a strategic data partnership to offer users access to PitchBook’s fund-level performance data and PitchBook Benchmarks within the eVestment Private Markets platform.

This integration compliments the existing performance analytics and market intelligence tools and expands the due diligence, research and analysis capabilities for GPs, LPs and advisors.

Search and View Performance on >3,000 Private Markets Firms

Search a database of 3,100 firms in eVestment Private Markets Profiles filtering by a variety of fund and firm criteria, and view PitchBook performance data for 6,700 funds.

Investors can add managers to their watchlists and request access to a firm’s full track record for review and analysis in eVestment’s performance analytics tool.

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Benchmark Fund Performance Against Peers

Utilize eVestment’s Peer Review functionality to compare funds’ performance and attributes, and benchmark against peer groups using integrated PitchBook Benchmarks.

Select the peer group you wish to compare against by filtering using a range of benchmark criteria.

Uncover the True Drivers of Value

The eVestment Private Markets platform offers unrivaled analytics tools to help you efficiently analyze performance at the fund- and deal-level to look beyond headline metrics, uncover the true drivers of value and make more informed decisions.

Slice and dice performance in real-time using a variety of quantitative and qualitative parameters, leverage sophisticated analytics such as Return Curves, Public Market Equivalent Analysis, Valuation Bridges and more. Easily export your analysis for inclusion into reports and documents.

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Leverage eVestment Private Markets and PitchBook Data in your portfolio analysis, due diligence and more.

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