Investor Allocation Screening with Market Lens

Build better LP target lists and streamline research processes

Whether building a forward calendar of potential LP re-up opportunities, identifying new investors, or researching what market appetite might be for a non-flagship fund strategy, forward-looking information on where investors are going to commit capital, and more importantly why, is critical. But is not easy to find with traditional market databases.

With the new Investor Asset Allocation Screening functionality in eVestment Market Lens, GPs can now easily identify which of the investors tracked by Market Lens are under allocated to the private markets strategies they care about. Combined with the unparalleled document-based insights already offered, Market Lens offers GPs a one-stop market intelligence platform to secure their competitive edge in capital raising.

Find which LPs invest in your strategy

Create high-level lists of LPs by filtering asset allocations across all key asset classes, and further tailor your search using the more granular “Asset Class Detail”

Under-allocated Investors

Identify LPs Underweight to your Strategy

Refine your list by using a range of granular filters on current vs. target allocation to your selected asset class. Identify by relative percentage or market value. Further narrow your search using additional filter criteria such as Investor AUM, firm type, associated Investment Consultant and more.

Dive deeper on LPs’ future activity

Click through to the investors’ profile to gain unparalleled insight into commitment pacing plans and preferences to help you further qualify fit. View Asset Allocation reports, current manager rosters, recent investment recommendation memos and much more.

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