2019 Private Markets Due Diligence Survey – Findings Report

Explore the key factors driving investor and consultants’ private markets allocation and manager selection decisions.

About the Report

Due diligence is the foundation for investors looking to build a quality portfolio and is arguably the point at which they have the greatest influence on the outcome of their commitments. With allocations to private markets strategies continuing to grow, it is an area we have observed investors’ placing an increased focus on and subsequently impacting the success of managers’ fundraising.

To help both sides of the table better navigate this critical juncture, eVestment Private Markets conducts the only annual industry survey specifically focused on uncovering the emerging factors, perspectives and best practices influencing the due diligence process.

The fourth edition of our report, produced in association with Nasdaq; the parent company of eVestment, highlights a number of key perspectives that are set to have significant implications for investors and managers alike. 

Read the full report to explore our findings, including:​

  • Which sub-asset class do more than 50% of investors project returns to decline in? And which strategies do fund managers and investors foresee returns increasing?
  • What are key concerns for the private markets industry, and how is this influencing fund managers and investors business decisions?
  • Which metrics and analytics are investors placing the most importance on in quantitative and qualitative due diligence? And how much importance are they placing on ESG and Diversity Policies?
  • Why may fund managers face challenges in growing their investor bases in future fundraises?
  • When do private markets participants expect the next market correction? And how do they see it impacting the industry?

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