Adapting to Digital Due Diligence

A conversation with LPs from Aberdeen Standard Investments & APG

The COVID pandemic has had a significant impact on how private markets investors conduct manager due diligence and make investment decisions. 

Without face-to-face meetings and on-sites, the process has changed dramatically. LPs are having to find new ways to meet, evaluate, and build relationships with GPs. The GPs sitting across the table are also learning how to navigate the process on the fly.  

While this current crisis is not the first that most Investment Committees have had to allocate through, it is certainly the first that they’ve had to address purely through technology. This new variable compounds the importance of making the right decisions when it comes to new commitments. 

This panel will discuss due diligence best practices of technology-focused LPs and offer advice to GPs who are fundraising in this period. 

Explore best practices for leveraging technology and a data-driven due diligence process to find success in a remote commitment planning environment.


Katey Bogue speaker highlight

Katey Bogue
Head of Private Markets

Christopher Ragazzo - APG Asset Management

Christopher Ragazzo
Senior Portfolio Manager
APG US Asset Management Inc.

Robbie Young - Aberdeen Standard Private Markets

Robbie Young
Investment Director
Aberdeen Standard Investments