Moving Beyond Excel

How and why CFOs are harnessing new tech to better leverage the power of their performance data

In this short, focused webinar we explore the trends and challenges in the private markets industry that are driving CFOs to explore new technology to protect and empower their firms to success.

Watch now to find out:

  • Why GPs are increasingly moving away from excel-based processes for track record and deal analysis?
  • What should be on a CFO’s checklist when considering a performance data management and analytics platform?
  • How to get the most from your new technology?

Graeme Faulds, Director of Product,
eVestment Private Markets

Graeme Faulds joined eVestment in 2015 with the acquisition of TopQ Software Ltd.  Prior to founding TopQ in 2013, Graeme was one of the founding partners of SL Capital Partners, a leading private equity fund of funds.  During his 15 years at SL Capital he was responsible for making private equity fund investments and direct co-investments throughout Europe and North America.  He has sat on the advisory boards of a variety of private equity funds during his career.

Drake Paulson, Director of Client Success,
eVestment Private Markets

Drake joined eVestment in 2015 with the acquisition of TopQ Software Ltd, a private equity performance analytics solution, which he co-founded in 2013. TopQ’s unique functionality to create, share, and analyze private equity track records was a direct result of its founders’ experiences in private equity investing and software design and delivery.  Prior to founding TopQ, Drake held positions at Vitech Systems Group, Atlas Venture, JPMorgan, and State Street.  Drake holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Connecticut