2018 Private Markets Due Diligence Survey – Findings Report

Explore the key factors driving investor and consultants’ private markets allocation and manager selection decisions.

Now in its third year, eVestment’s annual private markets due diligence survey draws on a cross-section of the institutional investor and consultant market to explore the key components of their manager due diligence and selection processes. For the first time, eVestment also surveyed private funds managers to compare perspectives and experiences on various factors related to their investors’ due diligence process.

Access your copy of the report now to explore the findings, including:

  • How aligned are investors and fund managers in their views on which factors about a firm are most important during a due diligence process?
  • Why do GPs really use credit facilities? How long is the average facility term? And what do investors truly think about their use?
  • How are investors and consultants increasing their sophistication and requirements in due diligence?
  • Are GPs keeping up-to-speed with investors and consultants on the latest benchmarking and performance analysis practices?