Don’t Panic: The Emerging Private Equity Manager’s Mini-Guide to the Fundraising Galaxy

The insights needed to navigate 2021

Launching or closing out a capital raise in the coming year may seem daunting, but with the right insights, preparation, and planning you can maximize your likelihood for success. This mini-guide for emerging managers is designed to give key insights on some of the ways a GP can research the investor and consultant market to maximize their chances, along with providing some insights on the views and approach of these groups going into 2021.

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In this guide you’ll find insights on:


Explore the topics that matter to top consultants and the average bitesizes for their clients’ commitments

Emerging manager programs

Learn more about GPs with specific mandates for new managers and how to access them

Market Trends

Find out which asset classes are thriving and which are struggling as we move into 2021

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