EVESTMENT for Limited Partners and Consultants

Streamline and Scale your Due Diligence

As an LP,  you face a tough balancing act: running a robust due diligence process to provide you, and stakeholders, with confidence in the quality of your decision making, but one efficient enough to cope with the volume and speed of today’s fundraising cycles.

TopQ+ gives you the data you need and the tools to leverage it, all in one place, to streamline and scale your due diligence.


Nasdaq’s eVestment powers a private fund research and performance analytics solution for limited partners’ and consultants’ due diligence processes.

By integrating private fund market data, benchmarks and powerful deal-level analytics, the eVestment TopQ+ platform provides a more complete view of manager performance, helps LPs unlock a new level of insights on the drivers of a GP’s returns, and streamlines and standardizes processes.

Trusted by leading private markets investors globally

“eVestment provides a formulaic way to carry out track record analysis and we can also be sure manager performance comparisons are all on an apples-to-apples basis. There’s a great range of analysis provided which is also customizable. This has been really useful in evaluating managers and even utilizing in our memos.”

– Investment Associate, Caltech Investment Office

Unlock Deeper Insights on GPs, Faster.

Leverage market-leading performance analytics to more quickly uncover the drivers of a GP’s value and expand your quantitative analysis capabilities.

Conduct GP peer group analysis with a consolidated view of publicly available data on 4,000+ GPs in conjunction with your granular provided manager data.

Review recent news and publicly available documents from GPs to dig into recent activity, announcements and other investor and consultants’ evaluations.

Benchmark GP performance against PME, Preqin and PitchBook universes to easily understand relative performance.

Spend Less Time Manipulating Track Record Data, More Time Analyzing

Automate the analysis of GP’s deal-level track record data and eliminate hours of cleaning, inputting and re-formatting templates.

Request and receive access to GP data directly through the platform, or upload cash flow data, to produce interactive dashboards of analytics in minutes, not hours.

Gain the support of our experienced client success team to help you spend even less time uploading and capturing GP data, and instantly expand your team’s capacity.

Make Reporting Easier Than Ever Before

Produce analysis on a consistent and standardized basis across your team to give greater confidence in the output.

Eliminate time-consuming reformatting work for Investment Committee or Board presentations by exporting track record data and analysis into memo-ready Excel or PDF reports.

Customize all charting colours and output to easily produce on-brand reports.

Improve Data Quality and Governance

Store the years of GP track record data you’ve collected in a secure central repository. Improve data management, leverage it in new ways and ensure your organization is working from a single-source of truth.

Mitigate risk of errors across your team with standardized calculation methodologies for GP track record data and purpose-built analytics tools.

Audit and permission track record access within your institution to mitigate against risk of data breaches.

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