Strengthen LP Targeting & Pitching

More than investor data, this is investor intelligence. Use the industry’s deepest and most actionable intelligence on investors and consultants to empower your capital raising.

Most industry databases only feature shallow data points on an LP’s historical program activity. Without context, these platforms leave capital raisers second-guessing the accuracy of the information and uninformed on why commitments were made and what the investor’s future plans are.

Nasdaq’s eVestment platform redefines what investor intelligence is: verifiable, forward-looking, and actionable.

The comprehensive database of 19,000+ institutional investor and consultant profiles is backed by 100,000+ documents published by and presented to investors. It delivers the structured data you need, alongside powerful qualitative insights on current and future activity in investment programs.

Hone the Precision of Your LP Targeting

Find and prioritize the right investors for your fund

Efficiently build target lists of LPs for your next fundraise by finding investors below their target allocation for your strategy.

Further qualify the opportunity for raising capital from a specific LP by reviewing documents, including consultant research and commitment pacing plans, that outline exactly how the investor will allocate capital in the future.

Drill down into investor profiles to understand their consultant relationships, investment staff and decision makers, and existing manager relationships to better navigate the path to a commitment.

Investor & Consultant Database Overview

Institution Types

  • Endowments & Foundations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment Consultants
  • Private Retirement Plans 
  • Public Pensions

Key Profile Data

  • Current & Target Asset Allocations
  • Fee Data
  • Key Contacts
  • Manager Rosters
  • Mandate Tracking

Speak the Same Language as LPs

Know an investor’s preferences to create a pitch that resonates

Use granular insights from investor-authored documents, including investment recommendations and due diligence memos, to better understand how an investor has evaluated your peer GPs and create a pitch that resonates.

Inform Fundraising and Product Strategy

Understand market sentiment on emerging trends and strategies

Support tactical decisions in fundraise execution and positioning with access to investor and consultant published research that provides the “house view” on strategies across the private markets, as well as universal themes such as ESG.

Inform your future product development strategy with on-going access to in-depth industry research and outlooks from the most influential consultants across the holistic asset management industry.

Never Miss a Commitment Opportunity

Equip your whole firm with access to insights via API technology

Integrate Nasdaq eVestment’s investor and consultant data directly into your CRM or Business Intelligence systems via API to streamline workflows and gain a holistic view of your clients and prospects.

Information accessible about investors and consultants via API includes Key Contacts, Asset Allocations, Manager Rosters, Mandates, and more.

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