Market Lens

A searchable platform of the latest documents, mandates and intelligence from the institutional marketplace.

Intelligence straight from the source.

Market Lens features a library of 100,000+ documents from investors and consultants, covering investment recommendations, fees and terms, pacing plans, consultant research, and more.

Be the first to know about new LP commitment opportunities and allocation changes.

Find potential commitment opportunities before they are officially announced via 19,000+ investor and consultant profiles containing details on asset allocations, key contacts, and manager rosters.

Gain insights with industry research and competitor analysis.

Market Lens offers access to the latest research and reports from industry consultants, and pitch decks from peer fund managers.​

“One thing that’s pretty important to us is the access to prospective and/or existing investor allocation information. We can gain insight into private equity programs, who else investors have in their portfolio, etc. – this is very informative.” – Client Relations Associate @ $50bn Global Fund of Funds.