27 Oct
Nasdaq eVestment Takeaways from The Private Markets Texas Meeting

Insights from Austin: Takeaways from The Private Markets Texas Meeting

Last week, members of the Nasdaq eVestment team attended The Private Markets Texas Meeting in Austin, Texas. The event brought together over 250 Texas-based LPs and GPs for a series of panels and networking on the allocations, investment opportunities, and performance of private markets strategies in the current economic environment.

This blog post explores key takeaways for fund managers from the event.

16 Mar

Don’t Panic: The Emerging Private Equity Manager’s Mini-Guide to the Fundraising Galaxy

Launching, or closing out a capital raise in the coming year may seem daunting, but with the right insights, preparation, and planning you can maximize the likelihood of success for your firm. This mini-guide is designed to provide key insights on some of the ways an emerging GP can research the investor and consultant market to maximize their chances of closing new commitments.