12 Jan
Contra Costa County ERA

Most Viewed Private Equity Investor Documents: Contra Costa County ERA

With 2020 behind us and digital due diligence & fundraising now the norm, fund managers need every insight and advantage available to them to rise above their virtual competition and win commitments. One advantage, at the disposal of eVestment Market Lens users, is access public pension plan portfolio reviews. These documents, produced by internal investment teams or the investor’s consultants, are a look behind the curtain at the inner workings of an institutional-level investment program

10 Nov

Client Case Study: How Atlas Venture uses TopQ to find clarity in their portfolio data

Atlas Venture is a Cambridge, MA based early stage venture capital firm focused on biotech. The firm invests exclusively in the therapeutics space within biotech where they are focused on venture creation. We spoke with Kristen Margeson, senior director of IR and marketing at Atlas to learn more about how the firm successfully uses TopQ in their fundraising and investor relations efforts.

28 Oct

Small talk: a big miss in 2020

In late August, eVestment Private Markets hosted a virtual panel with two LP investors about adapting to digital due diligence. During the conversation, one of the investors had this to say about the remote environment the industry is now operating in, “What’s been a challenge is not having informal interactions, not having AGMs where you can have those longer informal conversations with your managers, and your peers – the exchange of ideas is not as strong at the moment.”

14 Sep

Best Practices for Private Equity Investor Relations Professionals

Works with hundreds of GPs and LPs during their respective fundraising and fund investing processes has given eVestment Private Markets a unique perspective on both sides of the equation, and in today’s volatile fundraising environment, this insight is more important than ever. We’ve distilled some of these insights into three best practices for private equity investor relations professionals to maximize their chances of an efficient and successful fundraise.