31 Oct
Kristin DePlatchett

The Top Quartile: In Conversation with Kristin DePlatchett

In this edition of The Top Quartile: In Conversation, Andrés Ramos, content specialist at Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions, sits down with Kristin DePlatchett, Partner and Head of Investor Relations at Trilantic North America.

Kristin is an experienced private markets professional who, prior to joining Trialantic, ran her own private markets consultancy Kraken Capital. Prior to founding Kraken Capital, Kristin spent 9 years at StepStone Group as a LP investor and advisor.

04 Nov
non-flagship fundraising

Video: Dos and Don’ts of Raising Non-Flagship Funds

As demand for access to private markets funds from institutional investors continues to grow, a notable trend has appeared to help meet that demand: “Non-flagship” fund capital raising.
For LPs, investing in non-flagship funds offers the opportunity to build deeper relationships and partnerships with a concentrated list of firms they already know well or, alternatively, the opportunity to get their foot in the door at hard to access GPs.