29 Jun
Finding Fundraising Success webinar

Webinar: Finding Fundraising Success

With rising rates and declining public markets, the private markets fundraising boom is starting to show signs of slowing as LPs come under pressure of the denominator effect and uncertain macro environments.​ For IR teams building the book for their next raise, winning confidence and commitments, from existing and new investors will require a new approach for a new environment.​

16 Mar

Don’t Panic: The Emerging Private Equity Manager’s Mini-Guide to the Fundraising Galaxy

Launching, or closing out a capital raise in the coming year may seem daunting, but with the right insights, preparation, and planning you can maximize the likelihood of success for your firm. This mini-guide is designed to provide key insights on some of the ways an emerging GP can research the investor and consultant market to maximize their chances of closing new commitments.

07 Feb
Top PE managers for public plans

Top 10 Private Equity Managers for Public Plans in 2021

Allocations from public pension plans to private equity funds stayed strong in 2021 with over $84.3 billion in reported commitments. While the total came in just under the $85.3 billion reported in 2020, the number of commitments reported increased 13%, from 1,063 to 1,197. Allocations were reported from 146 allocators in 2021, a 5% increase from the previous year signaling that plans who sat out the 2020 vintage are returning to the market and putting capital to work in the asset class.

06 Dec
Katey Bogue TradeTalks

Nasdaq TradeTalks: DEI Data Transparency in the Private Markets

Katey Bogue, Head of Private Fund Solutions at Nasdaq, joins Ariel Babcock of FCLTGlobal and Jen Choi from ILPA on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss how they are driving Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) data transparency in the private markets.

In an effort to improve transparency and disclosure standardization across the industry, Nasdaq recently announced a new initiative to collect and make available private fund manager diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) data through the eVestment platform.

14 Oct
Reporting on Diversity

Why Reporting on Diversity Demonstrates Long-term Value Potential

Strong boards of directors are vital to helping companies maintain a longer-term focus while executing on shorter-term priorities. A board’s unique position atop the organization allows it to shape corporate culture while guiding long-term strategy through a mix of encouragement, skepticism, and guidance. This role is consistent regardless of the ownership structure of the company—be it publicly held or privately controlled.

13 Oct

The Top Quartile: In Conversation with Sarah Keohane Williamson

Katey Bogue, Head of Private Fund Solutions at Nasdaq, recently spoke with Sarah Keohane Williamson, CEO of FCLTGlobal, about the importance of adding boardroom diversity at the portfolio-company level and Sarah shares some insights from FCLTGlobal’s latest research report, The Missing Element of PE: Creating Long-term Value Through Portfolio Company Board Diversity.