06 Dec
Katey Bogue TradeTalks

Nasdaq TradeTalks: DEI Data Transparency in the Private Markets

Katey Bogue, Head of Private Fund Solutions at Nasdaq, joins Ariel Babcock of FCLTGlobal and Jen Choi from ILPA on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss how they are driving Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) data transparency in the private markets.

In an effort to improve transparency and disclosure standardization across the industry, Nasdaq recently announced a new initiative to collect and make available private fund manager diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) data through the eVestment platform.

14 Oct
Reporting on Diversity

Why Reporting on Diversity Demonstrates Long-term Value Potential

Strong boards of directors are vital to helping companies maintain a longer-term focus while executing on shorter-term priorities. A board’s unique position atop the organization allows it to shape corporate culture while guiding long-term strategy through a mix of encouragement, skepticism, and guidance. This role is consistent regardless of the ownership structure of the company—be it publicly held or privately controlled.

10 Jun
Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

How Nasdaq is helping you navigate operational complexity: Introducing Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

eVestment Private Markets and its suite of SaaS-based solutions for GPs, LPs, and advisors is now officially part of Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions.

Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions is a technology-enabled ecosystem of portfolio analytics & services, market intelligence, and fund secondaries solutions built to empower GPs and LPs as they navigate increasing complexity across the investment lifecycle.