10 Jun
Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

How Nasdaq is helping you navigate operational complexity: Introducing Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

eVestment Private Markets and its suite of SaaS-based solutions for GPs, LPs, and advisors is now officially part of Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions.

Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions is a technology-enabled ecosystem of portfolio analytics & services, market intelligence, and fund secondaries solutions built to empower GPs and LPs as they navigate increasing complexity across the investment lifecycle.

02 Dec

Expectation vs. Reality: Spreadsheet-based Portfolio Analytics

From years of working with GPs and LPs across the private markets, we’ve had a behind the scenes look of many tech stacks and processes. While most have implemented specific software for fund accounting or CRM capabilities, portfolio performance data management and analysis is still left to non-specific tools: spreadsheets or generic business intelligence software.

13 Oct
Three Ways GPs are Driving Operational Excellence with TopQ

Video: Three Ways GPs are Driving Operational Excellence with TopQ

CFOs and COOs in the private markets are acutely aware of the challenges and stiff competition facing their firms today. They have the unenviable role of leading in-house initiatives that create operational excellence and drive success. In many cases this means that they are responsible for thinking critically about firm practices and processes to identify areas in need of innovation and improvements.

22 Jul

How investor demands and growing data sets are brewing a perfect storm for GPs

Investor RelationsOperations Excellence How investor demands and growing data sets are brewing a perfect storm for GPs  by Andrés Ramos, Content Marketing Specialist - eVestment Private Markets Data requests from investors are nothing new for private fund managers. Quarter-end requests for completed templates and ad hoc requests are all part of the job for finance and [...]