Move Beyond Excel & Towards Operational Excellence

with Saas-based performance analytics and track record management tools.

Increasing demands for data, both internally and externally, and a desire to scale their firms is driving CFOs to pursue achievement of Operational Excellence at the management company level. Yet many GPs are restricted in truly achieving this by an over-reliance on manual, excel-based processes for some of their most important functions: performance analytics and track record management.

Integrating dedicated tools for performance analytics and the management of track record data can help CFOs mitigate risks, create new efficiencies and empower their firm with the insights they need, all to retain their competitive edge. Your performance data is an asset. Harness, protect and leverage it with TopQ.

Automate Performance Calculation. Mitigate Risks.

  • Reduce reliance on manual effort to update your track record and mitigate against the risk of errors.
  • Leverage a fully repeatable process to calculate your performance for absolute consistency.
  • Use pre-defined, but fully configurable, analytics to slice and dice performance in real-time and have confidence in the output.

Leverage Leading Data Visualization. Gain Deeper Insights.

  • Make performance data easily accessible across your firm with an easy-to-use interface to empower users with new insights.
  • Leverage leading analytics including Valuation Bridges, PME, and more to better understand the true drivers of performance
  • View performance across multiple periods, and gain insight into valuation changes.

Enhance Data Management. Protect Your Firm.

  • Store your performance data in a central repository, ensure all team members are working from the same accurate source of information.
  • Permission access to investors and consultants of only your choosing. Control access as needed.
  • Record a full audit trail of who has accessed your track record data, and when, and ensure a robust process. No more uncontrolled distribution of spreadsheets.
Secure Data Storage

“By using TopQ, we managed to successfully run the fundraising process with a small team. It freed up a lot of time on the portfolio analysis work and meant we could spend that saved time on responding to other due diligence questions.”

– Investor Relations Manager, Equistone Partners Europe

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