eVestment TopQ

Smarter performance analytics & reporting for private markets fund managers and investors.

eVestment TopQ provides private equity fund managers and investors with a powerful solution to make the creation, analysis and distribution of performance data more efficient, effective and meaningful. To find out more, arrange a demo now.

Accurate and Standardized Performance Calculation

  • Ensure track records are calculated on an accurate, standardized and consistent basis.
  • Produce all industry standard calculations, including IRR, money multiples, yield, and more.
  • Calculate and analyze performance on private equity, private debt, private real estate and infrastructure funds.

Granular Fund and Track Record Analysis

  • Gain deeper insight into performance at the portfolio, fund and deal level.
  • Understand true drivers of value by leveraging configurable filtering, dynamic slicing and dicing, and intuitive analytics functionality.
  • Evaluate fund and portfolio performance relative to public markets with dynamic Public Market Equivalent analysis.

Mitigate Risk in Your Process

All performance metrics in TopQ are carried out using standardized and consistent methodologies ensuring every track record is comparable on a truly like-for-like basis, and that the risk of calculation error is reduced.

Slice, dice and report on performance with confidence in the output.

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“TopQ provides a formulaic way to carry out this track record analysis and we can also be sure manager performance comparisons are all on an apples-to-apples basis. It provides me with comfort on the cleanliness of the data and is a product that makes our process more robust.”

Private Equity Investment Associate,
Caltech Investment Office

“We wanted a solution that enabled us to provide this more tailored approach to track record analysis, in any way that an investor might want to see, which is also an interesting internal tool. TopQ is probably the first and the only real, clean solution to this problem.”

Investor Relations Manager,

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