The Work-Life Balance Report

Happy People, High Performance: Successful Strategies in Private Markets

About the Report

In summer 2019, the research teams of eVestment Private Markets and MJ Hudson reached out to individuals, across the world’s private markets, inviting them to participate in a new study, investigating the balance between their professional and personal lives.

Technology adoption in a business setting has driven increased productivity, as well as freedom and flexibility. But at what cost? Our modern ways of working are more flexible than ever before, but this very flexibility is eroding the clear separation that used to be felt between the workday and leisure. In an industry infamous for its “always-on” mentality, is this further exacerbating the issues and mentality of private markets professionals? We can get more done, now, but at what cost?

The Work-Life Balance Report looks at issues around this separation and how the worlds of work and free time collide, asking how we can harness the advances of recent times to help us work more efficiently, without giving up our rights to a happy private life.

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